ARURA Collection / Chemistry

The Amorphe earrings are inspired by a tile from Alim Pasht-Han’s ARURA vase created for the Leuchtenburg Porzellanwelten (Porcelain Worlds) in Seitenroda, Germany. The design is based on the chemical structure of an amorphous, non-crystalline solid. Non-crystalline molecular structures differ from crystalline structures in that they lack a regular, ordered arrangement of atoms. Thin-films, an important material for many electronic devices, are a non-crystalline liquid.

The Amorphe earrings are available for purchase at the Leuchtenburg Museum shop, my Shapeways shop and my Etsy shop (click on jewelry images for link).

Amorphe earrings black on whiteAmorphe black earrings on modelAmorphe earrings white on blackAmorphe ARURA tile