Marine Biology / Micropaleontology

baculogypsina earring macro

Baculogypsina is a Foraminiferan, a single-celled marine organism with a calcium-containing shell. This creature provides the whimsical star-shaped shells of the ‘star sand beaches’ of Japan, and contributes to the stabilization of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean by depositing calcium carbonate onto the reefs. Baculogypsina was drawn by Ernst Haeckel as a perfectly symmetrical 5-pointed star, but in nature these creatures usually have a jaunty, irregular shape like these 3D-printed earrings.

Baculogypsina earrings can be purchased at Shapeways and Etsy (click on image for link) in silver, bronze and other materials. The design is also available singly for use as a pendant.