dailyatia earrings bronze_2sq

These earrings were inspired by Dailyatia helica, a small shelly fossil (SSF) of the clade Tommotida originating from the late Cambrian period. SSFs are a diverse group of mineralized fossils representing the ancestors of marine invertebrates like snails and sea urchins. While some SSFs are an intact version of the original organism, most represent only a fragment of the marine creatures they once were. In the case of Dailyatia helica, the earring I’ve recreated represents one C1 sclerite of an organism originally consisting of 30 of these intricate, grooved, helical-shaped structures. (Reference: Prof. Glenn A. Brock, et al, 2015)

3D-design and printing of rare artefacts from the fossil record is a novel way to understand paleontology.

Available as earrings and lapel pins in silver and bronze in my Shapeways shop and my Etsy shop (click on images below for links).

Dailyatia lapel pin bronzeDailyatia earrings in silver