Marine Biology / Micropaleontology

Discosphaera raw bronze pend sq

This design is based on the unicellular phytoplankton coccolithophore, Discosphaera tubifera. In comparison to the coccolithophore Coccolithus pelagicus, the coccolith plates on this organism are uniquely trumpet-shaped. The trumpets are composed of calcium carbonate, an important source of chalk. Coccolithophores are photosynthetic and thus found at the sunnier depths of the ocean and are an important food source for zooplankton and small fish. 3D-modeling and printing are ideal tools for visualizing the intricate shape of this ocean dweller.

Pendants of this design are available in bronze, silver and other metals, and as earrings. Available at my Shapeways shop and my Etsy shop.

Discosphaera earring in bronze
Discosphaera pendant in raw bronze