Biology / Marine Biology

This elegant ring is a sinuous Art Nouveau-style representation of kelp, a large seaweed in the brown algae group (Laminariales). Distinguishing the design are the blades along the top of the ring, the stipes (stems) along the bottom and the gas bladders (pneumatocysts) that keep the algae afloat in kelp forests. Kelp forests are an important ecosystem at the shallower depths of the ocean, giving shelter and providing food to many other organisms. In the Monterey Bay of California, egrets stand on the top of kelp forests to fish, and sea otters munch on urchins and other invertebrates that would otherwise devour and destroy the kelp.

If you’ve ever been beachcombing along parts of the ocean with kelp forests, you have probably seen long ropes of brown algae that have washed to shore. The rubbery texture of this seaweed reminds us that this is a denizen of the ocean and not land.

The ring is made to order in your size by 3D-printing and casting in polished brass, bronze or silver. Due to the width of the band of this ring (slightly more than 1cm), I suggest you order one half size larger than your normal size for the most comfortable fit. The best way to measure your size is to either visit a jeweler or use a ring sizer. If you don’t see the size that you need, I will be happy to generate a model in that size for you, just send me an email.

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Kelp ring in sterling silverOcean Kelp/Brown AlgaeKelp found on the beach near Monterey Bay