Marine Biology / Micropaleontology

Lagena Anhänger sq

Lagena is a benthic Foraminiferan plankton, a unicellular marine organism that creates an elaborate calcium-containing shell resembling a spiked ball. Originating from the Jurassic period, fossils of this type coat the ocean floor as the so-called ‘Globigerinid ooze.’ In his description of this organism, Prof. Ernst Haeckel wrote, “The delicate shell has the appearance of a liqueur bottle with a spiral neck.” Foraminiferans are important in biostratigraphy, a method by which rock layers are dated depending on the types of fossils present in the rock. In addition to foraminiferans, geologists use other microfossil groups for biostratigraphic dating, including pollen, spores, acritarchs, dinoflagellate cysts, conodonts and chitinozoans.

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