ARURA Collection / Marine Biology

The Opercularella pendant is based on a tile from Alim Pasht-Han’s ARURA vase created for the Leuchtenburg Porzellanwelten (Porcelain Worlds) museum in Seitenroda, Germany. Inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, the porcelain painting depicts the polypoid stage of a Hydrozoan marine animal.These strange animals form colonies connected by long tubes. The different shapes on the stalks represent different biological functions of the animal including feeding, mating and incubating young. Many hydrozoans also have a free-swimming medusoid life stage which resembles a small jellyfish.

The Opercularella pendant is available for purchase at the Leuchtenburg Museum shop, my Shapeways shop and my Etsy shop (click on jewelry images below for links).

Opercularella pendant in silverOpercularella bronze pendant on modelOpercularella ARURA tile