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The Spiroidea figurine is based on a tile from Alim Pasht-Han’s ARURA vase created for the Leuchtenburg Porzellanwelten (Porcelain Worlds) museum in Seitenroda, Germany. Inspired by plate 22 of Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Kunstformen der Natur,’ the Spiroidea painting and 3D-printed figurine are a synthesis of the structures of several different organisms in this Radiolarian family. Radiolaria are unicellular zooplankton that make intricate silica-containing shells to protect their soft amoeboid bodies.

The Spiroidea figurine is 5cm tall, 3D-printed in stainless steel and is available for purchase at the Leuchtenburg Museum, my Shapeways shop and my Etsy shop (click on figurine images for link).

Spiroidea figurine spiroidea 3_sq

Spiroidea figurineSpiroidea ARURA tile