Marine Biology / Micropaleontology

Spiroloculina silver earrings

Spiroloculina is a Foraminiferan, a marine amoeboid protist that forms a calcium-carbonate containing shell. Foraminiferans are zooplankton and use amoeboid extensions of their bodies to reach outside of their shells and snare food. Most foraminiferans live in the sediment on the ocean floor (benthic forams) while others are planktonic and float in the water column. The shells of Spiroloculina as well as other foraminiferans make up the White Cliffs of Dover in England and the Kreideküste in Germany. Ernst Haeckel described the form of this foraminiferan like this, “The surface is partially pitted. The nine chambers are spirally rolled in one plane; each one makes a half circuit.”

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